Marundeeswarar Temple Chennai – Rejuvenates Your Mind and Soul

Our next visit in Chennai was at Marundeeswarar temple. I am happy to post my experience at the place here.  Marundeeswarar temple is one of the popular temples in Chennai, where a lot of devotees come to offer prayers and get relief from various ailments. The temple is dedicated to Lord Siva and is located at Thiruvanmiyur. It is said that Lord Marundeeswarar taught sage Agasthya about the curing of various illnesses by some magical medicines and thus, came the name Marundeeswarar temple. Today a lot of people come here to offer their prayers and get their diseases cured.

We reached the temple by 5 pm and I was very much impressed by the massive structure of the temple. The temple had two entrances, one on the east and the other on the west. Both the entrances have five-tier gopurams. There are three gates on the western entrance and one gate on the eastern entrance. We entered through the eastern entrance and once inside, I saw that the temple occupied a large area of about 1 acre and had a large water tank. The gopurams had beautiful figures decorating them.

Enterance of Marundeeswarar Temple

Enterance of Marundeeswarar Temple | Image Resource :

The temple is open for worship from 5.00 am to 12 noon, after which it closes for the afternoon. Then it opens again at 4.00 pm and remains open till 9 at night.

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Inside the temple there were many smaller shrines dedicated to Lord Ganesha, Kartikeya, and Lord Siva. This shrine has Lord Siva in three different forms, Lord Theyagaraja, Lord Marundeeswarar and Lord Nataraja. Then, there comes the shrine of Goddess Thripurasundari, the consort of Lord Marundeeswarar.

Shrines at Marundeeswarar Temple

Shrines at Marundeeswarar Temple | Image Resource :

Marundeeswarar Lingam is believed to have occurred naturally and is white in color. The legend is that the divine cow called Kamadhenu provides milk to the Lingam daily and hence, it is white in color.

The large hall in the temple called Mandapam has 36 large pillars on which there are many carvings. It is a wonderful sight and we stood there admiring the beautiful pillars and the hall. The floors of the temple were made of stone and very cool in the evening. It took us more than one hour to move around the temple and the calm and serene atmosphere of the temple rejuvenated our mind and soul.


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