Fort St. George, Chennai – A Glimpse into the Past

Other than love for food and experimenting with new recipes, movies and theatres are my other interests. I am also a nature lover and love to visit scenic spots and ancient places. Our next visit was to Fort St. George in Chennai, which was located near the Marina Beach. Many of the tourists that visit the beach take time to visit the fort too. Before entering the fort we had to undergo a security check and then we crossed the wide moat that surrounds the fort to enter inside.

Fort St. George, Chennai

Fort St. George, Chennai | Image Resource :

The fort was the first British Fort in India and was constructed in 1639. It has a 6-meter high wall surrounding it and stands firm and strong, having faced a number of attacks in the 18th century. St. Mary’s Church is another attraction in the fort, which is the oldest Anglican Church in India.

St Mary's Church Chennai

St Mary’s Church Chennai | Image Resource :

It was built in 1678 to 1680 and it was here that the marriage of Robert Clive was conducted. It also has the Wellesley house, where Col. Wellesley lived. The first floor of the house has a banquet hall containing the paintings of the Governor of the fort and other important officials. We also admired the canons of Tipu Sultan.

Robert Clive at george chennai

Robert Clive at george chennai | Image Resource :

The flag staff at the fort, which is about 150 ft tall, is the tallest in the country. It is made of teak and is very admirable. The museum in the fort is a modern building, and is visited by a large number of tourists. It contains relics, coins, medals, weapons, uniforms, letters and other items that belonged to the colonial era. We also saw some letters written in hand by Clive and Cornwallis. Although the papers have turned yellow with age, we were very excited to see them. The 15 ft tall statue of Lord Cornwallis attracts everyone’s attention in the museum.

Flag post at Fort St. George

Flag post at Fort St. George | Image Resource :

Presently the fort contains the administrative buildings of Tamil Nadu Government and we could see many government employees getting in and out of the fort. We had an exciting time in the fort, viewing the ancient places, art and artifacts. It taught us a few things about the British era.


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