Cucumber Kichadi – Kerala Special

Recently had been travelling a lot due to work, various food fest season, weddings, parties. After a long time been back home. Most I missed is Kichadi made by mom served in banana leaf along with boiled rice. Most healthy and lip smacking dish. Finally, today I would be able to relish the healthy Kerala cuisine – Kichadi.

Coming to my chef lessons. Kichadi is part of Kerala cuisine, it is a vegetarian dish cooked in curd, healthy and very easy to make dish.

Kichadi Recipe

Kichadi Recipe | Image Resource :

All you need to do is start-preparing tis quickly.

  • Take 2 cups finely chopped cucumber
  • 1-Cup fresh grated coconut if you are not a coconut lover then too I would suggest taking it as it blends in and even those who dislike it would relish this dish
  • 1 Cup of cold creamy curd
  • 2 fine chopped Green Chilies
  • ½ tsp – Mustards seed, coconut oil.
  • 1 string of curry leaves and salt to taste.

Cooking Kichadi :

Make a fine paste by grinding together – Coconut, ½ cup curd, mustard seed.

Take a deep pan, add the chopped cucumber, green chillies, and add ½ cup of water.

Cover the pan with lid and cook it at medium flame until the cucumber are semi- soft.

Once the cucumber is cooked, remove the pan by turning of the flame, then add the paste + remaining ½ cup of curd, and mix all things well.

Then prepare the tadka, take ½ tbsp. coconut oil let it heat a little add the mustard seeds nearly ½ tsp. Once the seeds splutter (make a cracking sound) add the curry, leaves stir this for few seconds and turn off the flame.

Add the tadka to the Kichadi mixture and stir well. Once ready, serve it with boiled rice.

 Chef Akash’s Tips:

  • Try to add minimal water so the cucumber is not mushy
  • You can serve this to your guest too – All about presentation. Take boil rice, stuff them into a small bowl, once set empty it on a banana leaf, make a hollow in mid like a volcano, and, pour the cold Kichadi mixture in the mid, garnish with fried uddad dal, fine chopped coriander.
  • Serve the Kichadi cold

Do let me know your valuable feedback friends

for more stay tuned.


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