Bandipur National Park – The Best Place to Wildlife in Karnataka!

After a fabulous start of my journey through Mysore, I woke up to another fascinating day. It was going to be different from the previous day. After visiting the charming Jaganmohan Palace and Chennikesava temple, it is time to explore some wildlife. I chose to visit Bandipur National Park Mysore. I have always loved exploring wildlife and I knew there is a lot in store for me in this trip. I had enquired with the hotel about the timings at the National Park. The safari timings were restricted to 6 am to 9 am and 4 pm to 6 pm.

I had planned my trip early so the car was ready to pick me at 5 am. I was pleased to have the same driver as the previous day. He was courteous and did the job of a tourist guide by explaining about locations that we passed through. It took nearly two hours to reach the national park. It is one of the major wildlife parks in Karnataka and it is also one of the key tiger reserves in the country. As I got off the car, I could see a large number of tourists at the location. I picked my camcorder and began to walk towards the entrance. I did not want to miss the safari.

Tiger at Bandipur National Park

Tiger at Bandipur National Park | Image Resource :

I quickly walked on to find the vehicle, which was nearly filled with people. I found my way through to a seat. The vehicle began to move. All eyes were focusing outside to see the animals. Alas! I managed to see a huge tiger walking beside; the vehicle slowed down so that we could see it clearly. It was my first ever experience, seeing the tiger so close! I captured a few pictures. Further down, we came across a number of deer. They looked beautiful!  There were many species of birds too. Wow! I had a lot pictures to show to my family and friends back home.

Deer at Bandipur National park

Deer at Bandipur National park | Image Resource :

The national park, which spans over an area of 874 sq km, is a treat for the wildlife lovers. I came across many languors and reptiles and the place is abundant with flora and fauna. I enjoyed every moment being in the natural surroundings. No wonder, Karnataka has diverse locations to explore!


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