Lalitha Mahal Mysore – Elegance Personified!

It was almost lunch time when I left Bandipur National Park. I requested the driver to stop by some restaurant to have lunch. It was another long journey ahead. The next location on my schedule was Lalitha Mahal Palace, which is nearly 80 km away from Bandipur. It would take about two hours to reach there. I preferred to have lunch and proceed with the journey. There are a number of eateries around the National Park. Finally, I arrived at a restaurant, which looked decent and served traditional dishes. I was offered a menu card, which had several of my favorite delicacies.

Ragi Mudde and Spicy Mutton Curry

Ragi Mudde and spicy mutton curry | Image Resource :

I chose to have a traditional meal. I placed an order for Ragi Mudde and some spicy mutton curry as it was the combination told by the staff of the restaurant. I was eagerly waiting to try the new delight. It is one of the wholesome meals in Karnataka. It is made from Ragi (finger millet).I was served the meal in fifteen minutes; it looked very different from the usual food. It had two huge ragi balls and steaming mutton curry in a bowl.  Its appearance was itself appetizing! I had my lunch, savoring every bite. The flavors were stunning! I have never had this kind of a dish before. It is a wonderful combination!

Lalitha Mahal Palace

Lalitha Mahal Palace | Image Resource :

After an awesome lunch, I proceeded with my journey. It was already 1.30 pm, so I would be at the palace around 3:30 pm. The journey was comfortable. I arrived at Lalitha Mahal Palace. It is the second largest palace in Mysore. What an alluring structure! The royal white structure is visible from far away. Built in typical Hindu architecture, it has its own identity. I picked my camera and walked towards the palace. It is presently a heritage hotel. The palace was built for a comfortable stay of the Viceroy of India. The lavish garden and the royal ambience are hard to miss if you happen to be in Mysore.

Reception of Lalitha Mahal Palace

Reception of Lalitha Mahal Palace | Image Resource :

Inside View of Lalitha Mahal Mysore

Inside View of Lalitha Mahal Mysore | Image Resource :

Lalitha Mahal Mysore Inside Glass Roof

Lalitha Mahal Mysore Inside Glass Roof | Image Resource :

As I walked in, I was amazed seeing the wonderful interiors. The place was well-maintained and preserved by the hotel. The huge portraits of the Kings, marble staircase, and elegant furniture add glory to the palatial life of the kings in India. The hotel provides all modern facilities by maintaining the ancient elegant structure of the palace. It took about two and half hours for me to walk around and take some pictures!


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