Visit to Karanji Lake Mysore

After visiting, Ranganathittu Bird Sanctuary, I headed on to visit yet another popular spot for nature lovers, which was Karanji Lake. The location was about 16.5 km from the bird sanctuary. The car moved on, and the driver was busy telling me some stories and facts about the location and the migratory birds. His conversation made the journey easy and interesting. After a half hour travel, we arrived at the location. The pristine nature and the tranquility around attracted me a lot. It is indeed a fabulous location with a lake in the center surrounded by beautiful nature park. There were many tourists, especially families who have come to spend the day. It is a perfect getaway from the busy city life.

Karanji Lake Mysore

Karanji Lake Mysore | Image Resource :

I moved on with my camera and I saw many species of birds. There were peacocks, peahens, swans, and so on. The walk-through aviary on the shore of the lake was a major attraction. It is said to be the biggest aviary in the country. Beautiful white peacocks attracted me, and they were one of the rare species and I captured a few pictures of them. Apart from the birds, there was a beautiful butterfly park on a small island in the lake. It was a magnificent sight to all the visitors. To help breeding of butterflies, suitable plants were planted on the island. There was a huge variety of butterflies in the park.

Another attraction in the location was the regional museum. I made my way into the museum where there was a huge collection that reveals the rich flora and fauna of South India. It depicts the relation between all living organisms in the world. The Museum is said to have been inaugurated in 1995 and is of immense help to all students and researchers. It was already 4 o’clock and I was too hungry to carry on with my trip. I spend quite a lot of time going around and enjoying nature. I got into the car and asked the driver to drop me at the nearest restaurant to have some fabulous meal. He dropped me at Le Gardenia restaurant, which served multi-cuisine.  It was a fantastic day and walks with nature! I enjoyed every bit of the journey!


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