The Jayalakshmi Vilas Mansion – Glory of Mysore!

It was the fifth day in Mysore and my final day of the trip. I had mixed emotions on the thought of leaving the beautiful city. I had tickets for my return journey by Kallada Travels and the bus was scheduled to leave Mysore at 5 pm. I had the entire day to be spent in the city. I had discussed with the polite hotel staff about nearby locations, where I could usefully spend some time.  The suggestion was Jayalakshmi Vilas mansion. A visit to the palace again, and the thought itself was exciting! I had my breakfast at the in-house restaurant and it was almost 9.30 am. I requested the hotel staff for a vehicle.

Jayalakshmi Vilas Mansion

Jayalakshmi Vilas Mansion | Image Resource :

Within ten minutes the vehicle was there to pick me up. The palace was located at a distance of 8 km from the hotel. I managed to reach the location within half hour. I couldn’t believe, it was yet another magnificent structure!  I have noticed all through my journey, that most of the palaces are painted in pure white and maybe it is the best way to retain the beauty and appearance of the palace. It has a beautiful and well-maintained garden in front of the entrance. The history of the palace dates back to 1905 when it was built during the reign of Krishna raja Wodeyar IV.

Terracotta Statues at the Entrance

Terracotta Statues at the Entrance | Image Resource :

The palace was acquired by University of Mysore and today is better known as Manasagangotri. The campus hosts the post-graduate center of the university. The palace was renovated and restored and the renovated palace was inaugurated in 2006. The mansion has 125 rooms and a large number of doors, which have beautiful and intricate carvings. It is truly an architectural splendor of yesteryears. I clicked a number of photographs that can add colors to my travelogue.

I returned to the hotel and went into The Loft to have some Chinese cuisine. By now, all the staff was friendly. I bid them all a good bye and returned to the room. I got busy packing my bags and completed my check-out formalities. I thanked all the staff for offering me a homely feeling all through. It was already 4pm…I got into the car and headed to my sweet home in Kerala…I hope you enjoyed reading the posts of my Mysore trip. I will be back again with another post, until then goodbye.


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