Train Travel From Ernakulam Town (Ern) To Rajamundry (Rjy) By Dibrugarh Express

I love to travel and being a Chef, I love to taste different foods and try my hands at preparing varied dishes. I like to serve more than eating, but I believe, if I get the taste of the food, only then I will be able to prepare it properly. Therefore, when I had the opportunity to travel to Rajahmundry, I immediately booked my tickets with Dibrugarh Express (Train number 06336).

My train was on Tuesday. This is a special train and the railway authorities introduced this express locomotive to cater to the travel needs of the large crowd that travelled to Dibrugarh. The train, I knew, started from Kochuveli at 8.15PM and reaches the Ernakulam station at 12.20AM. I reached the station around 11.30PM and saw that there were several passengers waiting on the platform for this particular train.

My goodness! What a rush there was! Mine was the Second Class Sleeper coach and I walked on the platform and sat at the place where I knew the Second Class coach would halt. The train arrived and there was a huge rush of the people to get out and into the train. I joined the rush too, because the train halted at the station only for 5 minutes.

I got into the train, located my seat, pushed my luggage under it and immediately lay down to sleep. I remembered reading that this train has a II-tier A/C coach, two III A/C coach, four sleeper coaches and six second class general coach and sitting coach each. This special train would reach Rajahmundry only on Wednesday night at 11.15PM. Being tired, I fell asleep immediately and woke up the next day at 7 A.M.

By then, the train had reached the Erode Junction. However, I knew that I would be able to buy good food in Salem, therefore, waited the train stopped at the Salem Junction at 8AM. I normally do not pack food when I travel. Fortunately, for me, the food (Idli-vada-sambar), which I purchased from the stall, was delicious.

Sometimes, I saw beautiful sceneries outside. I passed the hills, mountains and though it was not as green as Kerala, the fields had crops growing in it. I ordered for lunch and dinner in the train. Around 11 PM, I stood at the door and at about 11.18PM, Dibrugarh Express reached the Rajahmundry station. I got down, stretched myself and walked towards the station exit to catch an auto.


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