Warangal Fort Andhra Pradesh- A blend of Beauty and Tradition

Warangal Fort was about four and half hour journey from Mandapalli temple. I took the bus to Warangal. My plan was to Stay there tonight and visit the surrounding place today and the Fort tomorrow. I reached Warangal at 5PM, booked a hotel room and was out of the hotel the next day to explore the Fort.

Warangal Fort Andhra Pradesh

Warangal Fort Andhra Pradesh | Image Resource: alltouristattractions.org

The Fort is an architectural beauty. Spread over several hundred metres, the Fort has beautiful arches, pillars, towers and a main temple. As I entered the main gateway, I touched the pillar and the smoothness of the stone impressed me. There were a total of four enormous pillars, all of them almost 50 feet tall. Carved out of one single stone, the pillars are most fascinating!

The main temple is now in ruins, but looking at it, there is least doubt that it was a great beauty and artistically carved. The Swayambhu temple is a site of great importance. The archaeologists re-built the temple from the remains that they found from the bygone eras.

Swayambhu temple at Warangal

Swayambhu temple at Warangal | Image Resource : exploretelangana.com

The giant temple arches surrounding the temple give insight on the art and architecture during the Kakatiya rule. The intricately carved temple pillars were a beauty in itself. The detailed carvings of the fingers, the ears, even the carving of the nostril and the jewellery were awesome. The size of the ceilings, its height and massiveness astounded me. There were several Lingas, a beautiful round stone carved with Navagrahas, the sculpture of “Tandava” dance along with several other carvings.

Kakatiya sculptures, Warangal

Kakatiya sculptures, Warangal | Image Resource: wikimedia.org

I took a long time going around the place, exploring things and taking pictures. Just opposite to the temple, there is a Shiva Temple on top of a rock called Ekshila. It is near a beautiful lake and there is an artificial waterfall on it. A structure, that looked something like a fortress, was next to the temple.

Warangal fort Ruins

Warangal fort Ruins | Image Resource : wikimedia.org

Climbing a series of 100 steps, I reached the top and there was the statue of Shiva along with Nandi, with its back facing Lord Shiva. I stood at the edge of the hill and I could the Swayambhu temple opposite. The view from here is indescribable. It felt like heaven! There was serenity all around. I sat at the top for some time and by lunchtime; I got down and went to the hotel room. I had to reach Rajahmundry by evening and leave the next day to Kerala.


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