Godavari Bridge, Rajahmundry- Best Spot For Family Picnic

On Thursday, I decided to visit the Godavari Bridge first, as it was nearer to the hotel, in which I was staying. I was ready by 9.30 and hailed an auto to take me to the site. It was just 15 minutes to the bridge from the hotel.

Being a person, who talked non-stop, once inside the auto, I struck up a conversation with the driver. I asked him if he could give me some information about the bridge. He said that he was proud of the bridge and that he knew that the British had built it long ago. The driver informed me that he had visited the place a couple of times and whenever he finds out that his commuters are tourists; he recommends them to visit the Kovvur Bridge (that is the other name for the bridge).

Godavari Bridge

Godavari Bridge | Image Resource: readtiger.com

We reached the place in no time at all. The Godavari River looked very beautiful from the elevated platform. The entire place was very peaceful and it was a good place to come with the family for an outing or picnic. I could see several people there, buying eatables from the vendors. I further walked up to get a good view of the bridge.

The sight that met me was awesome. This bridge is actually a truss bridge and I understood why it was the longest bridge in the world. The length of the bridge is 2.7 kilometers and the people could cross the bridge to reach the other end, which is the Kovvur town.

Godavari River

Godavari River | Image Resource: wikimedia.org

This bridge is the second largest in Asia too. It has both a rail and road bridge. I walked down from the elevated platform and got down to stand under the bridge. There was River Godavari flowing below and the bridge overhead. The serenity that I felt was good.

I clicked many pictures and walked around taking in the calm, quietness and the beauty of the place. By the time, I finished exploring the place; it was almost 11.30 AM. I went up to a vendor, bought some snacks and walked towards the exit. I planned to visit the Annavaram temple next.


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