Papikonda Wildlife Sanctuary Andhra Pradesh – Enjoy The Beautiful Sceneries Of The National Park.

After the visit to the temple, I decided to visit the PapiKonda Wildlife Sanctuary. It was at a distance of 55 kilometres from Ryali temple. I requested the cab driver to take me to the National Park but before that, I wanted to have lunch. I was famished!

On the way, we stopped at a nice restaurant and ordered for Andhra meals. The food was delicious, the proper spicy Andhra food that I loved! In half hour, we were again on our way to the Wildlife Sanctuary. We reached the venue by 1.45PM.

Papikonda Wildlife Sanctuary Andhra Pradesh

Papikonda Wildlife Sanctuary Andhra Pradesh | Image Resource:

The National Park was huge and covered a total area of 591 sq km. I first walked around and went on a safari to watch the wild animals. The Sanctuary is so dense and forested that the animals roam freely about. The river Godavari flows through the Sanctuary and it is such a beautiful sight to watch it. The only feeling you get here is serenity and peace.

Though I took the safari, I was not able to see some of the animals. I, however, could see the Spotted Deer, the Sambar, the Hyena and the Four Horned Antelope. I could see the tiger behind the bushes, but it refused to come out. I learnt that the Gaurs, Jackals and Sloth Bears inhabited the forest too. There were also several migratory birds.

The River Godavari Flows Through the Sanctuary

The River Godavari Flows Through the Sanctuary | Image Resource:

After finishing the safari, I walked around to explore the fauna. The fauna here consisted of Bamboo, Cassias, the dry deciduous Teak forest vegetation and other such species of the Eastern Ghat vegetation. The hill reserve is a beautiful place and leaves a lasting impression on the minds of the visitors.

Deer at Wildlife Sanctuary

Deer at Wildlife Sanctuary | Image Resource:

After the walk, I visited the Environmental Education Centre. The volunteers taught the importance of preserving the environment and there were several displays of the pros and cons of cutting trees, poaching etc. A few metres apart was the Museum. I was impressed with the maintenance and the upkeep of the place.

Since they allowed photography, I shot several pictures and by 4 PM, I was ready to go back to the hotel. I got into the cab and was on my way, lost in the thought of the beautiful sceneries of the National Park.


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