Mandapalli temple – Worship the Saneeshwara of Mandapalli

The Mandapalli temple was just about 10 kilometres from Gollalamamidada Temple. I took the local transport and was at the temple premises within 20 minutes. The temple is a white structure but the “gopuram” of the temple was not very high. I clicked some pictures of the exterior of the temple and went inside.

The main deities of the temple are “Nageswara”, “Bhrameswara” and “Saneeswara”. Another name given to the temple is “Saneeshwara of Mandapalli”. The idols are in the form of “Lingams” and all them are black stone idols. I saw they had decorated the idols well.

After finishing the “Puja” and “Abhisekam”, I went around and saw that there were several other smaller idols, which were also important. Sri Parvathi Amma, beautifully adorned in yellow saree and Sri Venugopala Swamy idols were in black stone.

Mandapalli Temple

Mandapalli Temple | Image Resource:

Though this is a small temple in size, it attracts many devotees from all over India. People believe that if they come to the temple to pray, the difficulties during the period of “Shani” will no longer trouble them. There is also a good story behind the worship of the Lingams.

Story has it that sage “Dadchi” sacrificed himself by donating his spinal cord to make the most powerful weapon to kills the demons. The sons of “Kartabha”, a demon, were filled with fury at the death of their father. They started bringing miseries to the people of Mandapalli. They approached Saturn to help them in defeating the demon.

Sri Shaneeshwaraaya

Sri Shaneeshwaraaya | Image Resource:

Since Saturn was in penance, he waited until he finished the penance to gain the maximum strength. With blessings from the sages, Saturn killed the demon’s sons. The erection of Shiva Lingam is at the place where Saturn killed the demons.

People say that if the devotees worship the Shiva Lingam with gingelly oil, it will bring them immense luck and they will not have hardships. Therefore, I saw several devotees donating gingelly oil for the worship. I walked around the temple for some more time and then went outside. I had to find a place to have breakfast and had to head to the Warangal Fort.


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