Train Travel from Ernakulum to Madgaon by Ltt Garib Rath

Over the journey of life so far, travel has proved to be one of my most favorite and valuable teachers. I always wanted to see the world through my eyes, but being a chef, not enough opportunities were showered upon me to fulfill this dream, so I pick up the chance to travel whenever possible.

We got our train tickets reserved for our train travel from Ernakulam to Madgaon by ltt Garib Rath. The train was scheduled to depart from Ernakulam at around 1 O’clock in noon and we were to reach our destination the next day in noon around 1:30 pm

Ernakulam Town Railway Station

Ernakulam Town Railway Station | Image Resource:

I usually travel with my bunch of friends which give me numerous moments of adventures and misadventures, laughter and tears; and sometimes both at the same instant. Though, I know, there is still a lot to discover, but it added many lessons to my baggage of life, some of which I already knew, some were new, some were silly, some obvious, embarrassing, fun, but all are precious that help to keep going during hard times; of both-life and travelling.

This time, I along with my gang of five friends made plan to visit the place that is now known as the tourist’s paradise- Goa

Goa is located on the western coast of India. The wonderful picturesque beaches and the architectural finery of its temples and churches have made Goa a top destination amongst travelers round the world. But, Goa is much more than its beautiful beaches and sea. It has an inimitable history, rich culture and some of the tastiest cuisines to offer.

We had spent about a month to plan this trip, and finally, it was time to execute our plans. Learning about the ‘must visit’ places of the city though internet and recommendations from friends helped a lot.

We reached the station on the programmed day and occupied our seats in the reserved a/c compartment in the ltt Garib Rath. We were feeling great and the company of my friends just added to the excitement and contentment. The train was comfortable and clean, and most importantly, was on time. We enjoyed the variation in culture and language with coming stations, as we were getting closer to the city that was full with fun and splashes.


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