Se cathedral – the largest church

After visiting the picturesque place of Agauda fort, we decided to visit and explore a church that is proclaimed to be the largest in the world- Se cathedral.

Se cathedral is amongst the most ancient and eminent religious edifice of Goa. Also, this monument that was built during the Roman Catholic rule in Goa and under the Portuguese is the largest church in the entire Asia. Constructed in the 16th century, this Cathedral is devoted to St. Catherine of Alexandria and therefore is also famous as St. Catherine’s’ Cathedral.

Se Cathedral

Se Cathedral | Image Resource:

We reached the church during noon and realized its greatness. We were told that originally there were two towers, with each located on either side of the portico, but one of them that was located on the southern side collapsed in the year 1776 and was never renovated.

We were observing the plainness of the external parts of the cathedral that was built in the style followed in the Tuscan tradition. One of the bell towers was lost and was never rebuilt; but it surely gives a unique look to the building.

The Sé Cathedral has in total five bells. In the existing tower is present a very famous bell that is known as the ‘Golden Bell’. This bell is the largest in Goa and is named so because of its rich tone that has been commemorated in a Portuguese poem.I have never seen such a large bell in my entire life. It was simply huge.

Interior of Se Cathedral

Interior of Se Cathedral | Image Resource:

We also accredited the place for the many beliefs that are prevalent about it; as, many people have had a visualization of Christ on this holy cross and also the charismatic rock, on which it was instituted, was told to spurt water. Moreover, in today’s time, the cross is considered to be gradually growing. Though we couldn’t acknowledge any of these things, this church is undoubtedly one of the most striking and attractive churches in Goa.

We roamed about the church and were awed by its enormity. It has rich historical backgrounds associated with it and is still holding itself high with the ever increasing faith in almighty.


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