Fort Aguada – A Must Visit Place

After spending a composed visit to the basilica of Bom Jesus, the next morning we headed towards the next destination in Goa and that was the Aguada Fort. After having a lavish breakfast in the hotel, we all hired a cab, and made our way towards the Sinquerim Beach in Goa, where the fort was located. We were told a lot about the enthralling site of the fort and this only accentuated our excitement.

Goa Sinquerim Beach View

Goa Sinquerim Beach View | Image Resource:

It was still a cool weather and sun was not at its peak when we reached the fort. We came out of the cab and “whoa”, what a view it was. We all were mesmerized by the pictorial view of the fort. The beauty of the place is beyond any words, it can only be experienced. We stood still for a while, just observing the serene beauty spread in front of us and feeling the cool breeze. The fort was standing firmly with water splashing on its walls and dense forest surrounding it.

Interior of Fort Aguada, Goa

Interior of Fort Aguada, Goa | Image Resource:

We moved ahead and entered the fort. We all were visiting this place for the first time and somehow the place looked familiar; and then one of our friends recalled the glimpses from many bollywood movies that have been shot here.

Inside Aguada Fort, Goa

Inside Aguada Fort, Goa | Image Resource:

Our driver, who was no less than a guide, told us that this  fort  was constructed  in 1612 by Portuguese rulers in order to provide fresh water supply to their ships that passed by the Arabian sea.” Aguada” in Portuguese means ‘watering place’.

Fort Aguada Light House at Goa

Fort Aguada Light House at Goa | Image Resource:

The Aguada fort had two sections- lower and upper. The lower fort was intentionally made to guarantee a safe cover for the Portuguese ships; while the upper fort was operated as a watering station for the ships. On further traveling around the place, I also found a gunpowder room and a lighthouse as well.

Fort Aguada, Goa

Fort Aguada, Goa | Image Resource:

It was a pleasure to visit this place and having the experience of standing in the middle of green foliage, confronting the roaring sea waves and facing the Arabian Sea with its waves reaching to heights. It was a fine morning and tweeting of birds added melody to the scene. We clicked numerous pictures. I would suggest everyone to must visit this place.


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