Arvalem Caves – A Journey to The Past

The next trip of ours was filled with more fun and adventure. Unlike our earlier visits to the beautiful and picturesque natural locations and churches holding sacred significance in the first two days of trip, our next destination had epical significance. We were going to the Arvalem caves that were located in the Bicholim town of North Goa. We hired a cab to the town, and then we hired bikes to cover the nine kilometer stretch to these caves. That decision proved to be the ultimate fun…riding bikes with friends on the roads of Goa!!

Arvalem Caves

Arvalem Caves | Image Resource :

We reached the caves which were easily accessible by road. I must say, Goa has got a very rich “cave Heritage”. We spoke to a few villagers about the caves and almost everyone in the village addresses these as the ’Pandava Caves’, and we were told that back in the fifth and sixth century, the five Pandavas, from the very reverent Hindu epic Mahabharata, took refuge in these caves of present Goa when they were in exile.

We entered the beautiful caves and noticed the striking architecture. The five caves were carved out of one single laterite rock. Inside the caves, Shivlings of different shapes and sizes were placed and are carved out of granite. There are some inscription crafted on the second linga resembles scripts of Sanskrit and Brahmi.

Arvalem Waterfall

Arvalem Waterfall | Image Resource :

We moved around the complex that consisted of two major caves and a residential chamber.There was no entry fee to explore the caves and owing to this, many tourists visit the caves to get an intriguing and enriching journey back into the ancient times.

We were clicking numerous pictures and were exploring the caves. That was a sheer combination of fun with knowledge…isn’t it? We then moved to the Arvalem waterfall that was located in the vicinity. That was like cherry on the cake and all five of us had immense fun time splashing water over one another. We spent a long time there and even had food at the local village ‘dhaba’. The local dishes sometimes taste better than the complex international cuisines. That was a place worth giving a call.


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