Tambdi Surla Mandir – A Unique Temple to Worship

Our next destination in Goa was the Tambi Surla Mahadev Temple.It is one of the oldest temples in Goa situated at a place called Tambi Surla. The ancient Mahadev temple of Tambdi Surla endured from the Portuguese because of its location, as it was rested next to a water stream in the core of a small clearing that is concealed in the dense jungle. The temple is devoted to Lord Shiva. We reached the temple in the evening and explored the serenity.

Tambdi Surla Mandir

Tambdi Surla Mandir | Image Resource : wikipedia.org

The temple has a porch supported by pillars and there are three stepped entrances. The temple is constructed by adopting the Hemadpanthi style of architecture and is made by a fine, weather-resistant, grey and black basalt. This Mahadev temple is also significant as it is proclaimed to be the only specimen of Kadamba-Yadava building present in basalt stone existing in Goa. Due to this reason, the temple has been stated as a secluded historical testimonial by the Archaeological Survey of India. It is a great step as protection of such monuments would allow many future generations to witness the evidences from our past.

This temple is known to be built in Jain style in the era of twelfth century. There are many attention-grabbing minutiae about its construction which has raised many doubts and curiosity about the origin of the temple. It is strangely built in an area that is rather inaccessible and at a distance from the core settlements of the time. The magnitude of the temple is also very small, unlike the most Goan temples. And lastly, the pinnacle of the temple is incomplete.

The Lingam

The Lingam | Image Resource : wikipedia.org

There is a ‘Shivlinga’, a representation of Lord Shiva, mounted on a podium inside the internal sanctum. Locals believe that a huge King Cobra resides permanently in this barely lit sanctum. During the time of Hindu festival ‘Mahashivratri’ that comes during the months of February/ March, hundreds of devotees gather here to offer their prayers.

We enjoyed the calmness spread around at the temple, with surrounding grasslands. The temple is positioned at the base of the Anmod Ghat that acts as a connection between Goa and the state of Karnataka.



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