Holy Spirit Church – An Architectural Delight

After visiting the temple, we came back to the hotel and relaxed. The next day, we visited another church of Goa – the Holy Spirit church.Goa has a number of churches and most of them are significant enough to attract the tourists. Margao is considered as the cultural city of Goa and is also the second largest and one of the busiest cities.

The Church of the Holy sprit was first built in the year 1564 by the Jesuit missionaries. But it was soon shattered in the year 1571 during the Muslim incursion of the Salcette. The construction was then restarted after securing the area and raising sufficient funds. And since then, the Holy Spirit church is open for the devotees to offer their prayers to the almighty.The Holy Spirit church of Margao is well acknowledged for its flamboyant architecture that is lined by splendid manors surrounding it.

Holy Spirit Church

Holy Spirit Church | Image Resource : wikitravel.org

This architecture is considered as one of the finest with Indian Baroque style. The outer portico consists of immaculate white front wall and a central dome with towers on both sides. The beautifully decorated altars inside the church are dedicated to flawless formations of Mary, St. Peter, and St. Michael etc. This Church of Goa also celebrates its Feast Day during the final weeks of May when along with the high mass on Sunday, an open-air fair is rejoiced for the coming five or six days.

As traditional to any other feast, a line of bright ‘sweet-meet’ stands and stalls are laid along the streets to attract people, especially those with a sweet-tooth. This feast is very famous in entire Goa and people from all over the place come over to enjoy this celebration as this fair is also the last major festival that is held preceding the onset Monsoons.

People come in abundance from all over Goa to purchase their necessities of dry fish, household items, spices, furniture, and a range of other products that are available in this huge feast. Analogous to the Church Square is located the Old Market’s commercial street. We did explore this commercial region as well. Subsequent to the church is sited a backdrop area which is named as the Praca da Alegria, which means ‘Square of Happiness’.


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