Margao Muncipal Garden – An Encounter with Nature

After witnessing the striking architecture of the Holy Spirit Church, we made our way to visit the Margao Muncipal garden. We all are nature lovers and it was a delightful site for all of us to spend a peaceful evening in one of the famous gardens of Goa.We didn’t have to travel much as the garden was located in close proximity to the church.

Margo Municipal Garden is one of the landmarks of the city and is located in the heart of this busy city. In the earlier times, this garden was built by the Mayany family and was named after Aga Khan, as the piece of land on which the garden exists was donated by him; just before the liberation of Goa. Due to this reason, this garden is also called as the Aga Khan Garden. Today, the garden is a property of Municipal Corporation and is well maintained by the council.

Margao Muncipal Garden

Margao Muncipal Garden | Image Resource :

We entered the garden which was a great respite from the hustle and bustle of the city. In the centre of the garden was mounted a statue of Dr. Miguel de Loyola Furtado. This statue separates the children’s playing area from the main seating zone of the park. The garden walls were well lined by the tall pine trees making it more pleasant and segregating it from the outside traffic view. A walking path was also maintained in the garden and many people used it for their morning and evening walks amid the beautiful garden. The garden is well decorated with the beautiful flowery plants that spread their bright colors in the surroundings, adding to the glamour and beauty of the garden. We sat down on the green grass of the garden and enjoyed the happiness around us.

We noticed children playing in the park, some were sliding and some swinging, younger ones accompanied by their guardians. Older people were practicing yoga, and some were socializing, exchanging their thoughts on varied topics. Some youngsters were jogging with earphones plugged in their ears. However, I feel that chirping of birds was more melodious in that beautiful garden.


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