Wonderful Experience at Palolem Beach

These were our last two days in Goa, and how could we leave Goa without enjoying the beaches. So, these last days of our fabulous trip was devoted to beaches and the food offered there. We planned to experience the Palolem Beach of Goa.

We had chosen to spend the last days in South Goa, on a two kilometer extension of sand besides sea water, known as Palolem Beach. This beach has thousands of straight and leaning palm trees and more than fifty restaurants offering delicious food and lively beach hut operations dotted in between.

Palolem Beach Goa

Palolem Beach Goa | Image Resource: wikimedia.org

We reached Palolem, and realized that it looks more like an exotic island than a part of India. But yes, it is an ideal tourist location and a place to relax and rest. And that’s what exactly we were looking for. There were many people who had come to spend a vacation in Goa and chose to spend most of their time on this beach.

We just loved Palolem Beach. It was friendly with so many tourists around- solo travelers, loving couples and families- that created a very pleasant atmosphere, and was super-exciting. Our group of friends stayed in the basic huts that were present right on the beach. We booked three huts, as we had to spend the night there. The hut was facilitated with an attached bathroom, comfy mattresses and sufficient space to move around in the room.

Sunset at Palolem Beach

Sunset at Palolem Beach | Image Resource: wikimedia.org

We reached there in the morning so we did need the rooms as we were to spend the entire two days there. It was as delightful as on walking out the door and after a few steps, we were on the sand and in our front was spread the Arabian Sea. In fact, from the balconies of our huts, we could have a clear view of the vast sea with its soothing sound all through the day. It was a relaxation therapy, for our mind as well as for our body.

We spent our days while swimming in water at any time of the day, moving around the beach, talking to visitors and last but not the least, enjoying the food in the neighboring restaurants. It was definitely not a wild party place but surely was an ultimate relaxing destination.


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