A Peep Into The Food Palette of Konaseema

Konaseema is a region in Andhra Pradesh. The regions has mini islands which are referred to as Lankas by the local people. The area is lush green dotted with a few houses here and there. There are coconut trees which add a tropical feel to the place.

The cuisine of Konaseema truly amused me. I am a chef by profession and enjoy exploring diverse cuisines. Konaseema has lots for vegetarian as well as non-vegetarian food lovers.

=> Vegetarian Delicacies:-

Paapu (Dal):

Paapu (Dal)

Paapu (Dal) | Image Resource: sailusfood.com

Even the dal from the Konaseema region has an extremely distinct flavour. You can have it with rice. They use Toor Dal or Moong Dal for preparing the dish.

Beerakya Paapu:
Beerakya Paapu is Dal mixed with Ridge Gourd. It is also pretty famous in this region.

Pachadi (Pickles):
A vegetarian will surely enjoy the unique Pachadi or pickle served in this region. It is a fabulous accompaniment for rice as well as rotis.

=> Non-Vegetarian Dishes:-

Kodi (Chicken) Pulao:
The yummy chicken pulao has a unique flavor. The coconut flavour in the Pulao makes the dish even more delectable.

Peethala Vepudu (Crab Curry):

Peethala Vepudu (Crab Curry)

Peethala Vepudu (Crab Curry) | Image Resource: centreright.in

Crab curry is also a speciality of the region as it is a coastal region. The sweetish and delicious taste of the crab curry is irresistible for seafood lovers. You may require a lot of effort trying to eat the dish. The effort is surely worth it.

Natu Kodi Pulusu (Country Chicken Stew):
The stew is usually sour cooked either with tamarind paste or with tomatoes. It goes best with rice. You may even opt to have the dish with chapatis as it is pretty spicy.

Royalla Iguru (Prawns Curry):

Royalla Iguru (Prawns Curry)

Royalla Iguru (Prawns Curry) | Image Resource: centreright.in

Since the area is located on the banks of River Godavari, people love to have prawns. This curry is a favorite of the locals in the region.

Overall, the cuisine here is tropical. It is spicy and has a flavour of coconut in most of the dishes. Preparing the non-vegetarian dishes can really be a meticulous task. You will surely enjoy eating these dishes if you are a food lover.


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