The Amazing Travelogue of Train Travel by Narsapur Express

You know you are a passionate chef when you don’t mind cooking for your friends on weekend which I rarely get free from work. It was one of those weekend house parties, where we ate a lot, danced a lot, and talked a lot about the things that we had missed till date. We spoke at length about Kerala and also of its scenic beauty which we had witnessed since childhood. I had an opportunity to learn about Vijayawada a tourist destination not far from Kerala. All thanks to the upcoming long holidays, we decided unanimously to plan a train travel from Kerala to Vijayawada by Narsapur Express

Ernakulam Town Railway Station

Ernakulam Town Railway Station | Image Resource:

I had also heard that Vijayawada is famous for its ancient culture, historical places, caves and temples and most importantly for food. I looked forward to learning the famous local cuisine and to experiment variations in it, so that I can accommodate the new recipes at my workplace. I was already excited about the trip and so were my friends. We planned a pocket friendly rogue trip and one of my friends made a few phone calls to book a seat in Narsapur Express. The seats were then booked through the online travel portals and then everybody turned to me, to ask for the travel menu. We ate in the trains and buses during our expeditions and I was always carrying a huge hotbox of some quick hunger fixes. This time also I decided to pack some sandwiches and fruit punch that would last us for our train journey. I was also extended special treatment with free conveyance and pick and drop service just to make sure that food reached them in time. Such is the fun with friends and I loved it all.

We reached Kerala station in time to board Narsapur Express and located our seats. We travelled in a small group so managing luggage was not a problem.We were to reach Vijayawada past midnight and had decided to stay at a friend’s place which is also a farmhouse. All we did throughout the train travel from Kerala to Vijayawada by Narsapur Express was to think about the places that we would explore next morning in Vijayawada.


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