Where Land Meets Water at Prakasam Barrage Vijayawada

The Prakasam Barrage Vijayawada extends its vastness over the River of Krishna and thereby links Krishna district to Guntur.  The idea for Prakasam Barrage Vijayawada originated in year of 1798 and was implemented by Captain Best and by Captain Lake in the following years of 1839 and 1841 in that order. The barrage was further agreed upon by the East India Company in January 5, 1850.

Krishna River

Krishna River | Image Resource: wikipedia.org

The bridge was named after the then Chief Minister of the state Andhra Pradesh, Sri Tanguturi Prakasam. Hence it is named the Prakasam Barrage Vijayawada. The barrage or dam today irrigates around 1.2 Million acres of Vijayawada’s land, and is also one of the chief irrigation projects in South India. The dam also provides a magnificent view and is thus a foremost tourist attraction in Vijayawada. The Prakasam Barrage is 1223.5 m in length and consists of a VTPS of 1,260 MWs and is a major source of electricity for the power deprived state. The barrage also provides water to the thermal power plant situated at Ibrahimpatnam.

Prakasam Barrage

Prakasam Barrage | Image Resource: wikipedia.org

We all thought of having a good stroll by the river beds of the dam and also planned to take as many pictures. With the permission of the government officials we also decided to cook a fast meal by the river side. The idea of carrying a campervan with us avoided any waste from straying in the premises of the barrage. Andhra Pradesh in principal owes its richness in cultivation to the barrage as it has helped in irrigating vast agricultural lands. The barrage also offers a gorgeous view over-looking the shimmering lake.

Prakasam Barrage Reservoir View

Prakasam Barrage Reservoir View | Image Resource: wikipedia.org

The pleasant breeze and the calm waters make it one of the major travel attractions in Vijayawada. Thus the barrage on the river Krishna regulates the water supply to the city and thus provides drinking water, water for irrigation and energy production and transportation facilities. For us the tall barrage provides an encompassing view of the Vijayawada city. The Prakasam Barrage Vijayawada presents the city in a shell.  We left the place with stomach full and hearts filled with glee heading to our next destination, the Undavalli caves Vijayawada.


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