Kondapalli Fort Vijayawada- A Rendezvous with History

Kondapalli Fort Vijayawada is located in a small town called Kondapalli. It is also known as the Kondapalli Quilla. It is situated 16 km away from Vijayawada and is famous hand-made wonderful toys made out of wood.

The fort was built by Prolaya Reddy of Kodaveedu in the 14th Century and was then restructured by the Qutubshahis who reinforced and elaborated the fort with addition of new structures.  It also acted as the eastern gateway to south India. In the early years it was also used as a business centre by the British and then used as a training base for military forces.

Kondapalli Fort Vijaywada

Kondapalli Fort Vijaywada | Image Resource: panoramio.com

The fort consists mainly consists of a rock structured three storied tower, a Dargah of a Persian saint named Gareeb Saheeb, a Gajasala – elephant house where elephants were fed and remnants of Central jails of the ancient times. The Kondapalli fort centrally consists of 3 fortification walls. One on the top of the hill consists of magnificent structural edifices. The attractions of the fort also include the once famous Rani Mahal, the main Dancing hall and the convex shaped hall. All these things together put forth Kondapalli in one of the fascinating tourist destinations list of Vijayawada in Andhra Pradesh. The fort also allows a breath taking view of the Eastern Ghats and of the green pastures surrounding the fort.

Forecourt of the Fort

Forecourt of the Fort | Image Resource: wikipedia.org

These wooden toys available at the Kondapalli Fort Vijayawada are in great demand in both Indian as well as International Markets. These toys are made up of very light weighted white wood. The white wood is turned by the artists into live painted toys depicting mythological figures, men and women of the state and also animals grazing in the fields.  This handmade product has earned a mention in the handbooks of travellers as Kondapalli ‘Bommalu’ which means ‘Toys’ in Telugu.

Kondapalli Toys

Kondapalli Toys | Image Resource: wikimedia.org

The state also provides various ways of protection to the reputed art and the acclaimed product. But currently the maintenance of the fort is managed by the returns received due the tourism development in the area. If only the maintenance of the place is improved can this place be revamped to save the historical importance that it portrays.


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