Train Travel from Kerala to Pune by Poorna Express

I am a chef born and brought up in God’s own country, Kerala. Unsurprisingly, I love to try out different cuisines, both tasting as well as making. I’m very much into history and mythology, and culture fascinates me.  I am also a great fan of natural beauty, and love to travel to new and exciting places to see more of what I love. It was with this intent that I decided to go on a train trip from Kerala to Pune by the Poorna Express. This allowed me to keep my travelling expenses to a minimum, as travelling by bus and/or train helps keep within a decided budget.

A group of my friends and I decided to go on this trip, because as they always say, ‘the more, the merrier’. We’re all alike in our characteristics: we are passionate about food, and we all like to try out the local cuisines.

Ernakulam Railway Station

Ernakulam Railway Station | Image Resource :

And that is exactly what we did on our trip to Pune. We caught the Poorna Express at around 12 a.m. from Ernakulam, and reached Pune Junction the morning after the next (two day trip in the train itself) at about 5 a.m.

It was beautiful, and chilly. The scenery as we were driven to our lodgings was very serene and I most of all appreciate that a lot. Our plan for the duration of the stay was to visit all the local sights, forts, museums and most importantly, partake of the local cuisine whenever and wherever possible.Throughout our trip, as we ate more of the local fares available at the stations, I tried to decipher recipes whenever I could, to take back with me so I could try it on my own.

We were looking forward to visit a lot of the ancient places. All these structures always fascinated me as being masterpieces of architecture of different eras. Pune has some beautiful scenic spots!

We were enjoying our train travel and were chatting with the fellow passengers during our Train Travel from Kerala to Pune by Poorna Express.


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