Jubilee Park: Jamshedpur’s gift to the country

Jamshedpur is most commonly known as the Tata Steel City. The Tata’s have invested huge capital into the development of Jamshedpur and it is today among the most developed cities of India. Even though Jamshedpur is primarily an industrial region with more than 60 percent of its population employed by the Tata Steel plant an associated workshops, yet the city is an example of ecological balance and aesthetic beautification.

The city has been well planned and is a popular destination for domestic tourists. The city also hosts entrepreneurs from around the world for various conferences and seminars. The healthy infrastructure of the city has helped in boosting India’s image on the global stage.

Jubilee Park

Jubilee Park | Image Resource: jamshedpurlive.net

After leaving Ranchi, I decided to visit the steel city Jamshedpur. A number of trains are available for Jamshedpur from the Ranchi railway station which was just 1.5 km away from my hotel. It takes around 5 hr to reach Jamshedpur by an express train. Superfast trains with time of travel as less as 4 hr 5 min are also available.

After reaching the Jamshedpur railway station I took a taxi and started on my journey to the Jubilee Park in Jamshedpur. I checked into a comfortable local hotel, many of which are available close to the railway station, and then made plans for the day.

I visited the Jamshedpur Jubilee Park and Jubilee Amusement Park in the evening. Both these places have contrasting character. The Jubilee Amusement Park is a place filled with energy, excitement and thrill. Children love the park because of its unique recreational sports. I could see the child in me jumping out at the amusement park and I let it free. Once in a while we must let our mind and soul loosen up.

The Jubilee Park on the other hand is a very quiet, peaceful and immensely beautiful garden. The garden is spread over a vast expanse of 225 acres which were donated by the Tata’s on the golden jubilee of the steel plant in Jamshedpur and hence the name Jubilee Park. The park has an extraordinary collection of roses in a separate rose garden. The lake at the centre of the Jubilee Park adds another dimension to its natural beauty and aesthetic appeal.


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