Jayanti Sarovar Lake: the pride of Jamshedpur

The city of Jamshedpur is famous around the world for its parks and recreational areas. The jubilee park I had visited was a perfect example of how a barren piece of land can be converted into a world class recreational spot with diligent planning and genuine effort.

The Jayanti Sarovar Lake is neighbouring the Jubilee Park and is a spectacular tourist destination in its own might. The lake is a natural formation and hence its beauty is also much rawer than the Jubilee Park which has been constructed in a very methodical way. Being a nature lover I could not imagine missing the Jayanti Sarovar Lake after coming so close.

Jayanti Sarovar, Jamshedpur

Jayanti Sarovar, Jamshedpur | Image Resource: panoramio.com

I took a quite nap on the lakeside immersed in tranquillity and pampered by the light breeze flowing over the cool and serene water of the immense lake.

The Jayanti Sarovar Lake is a popular destination but because of its large size and neighbouring recreational spots, there is enough space for everybody and it never gets too crowded. In fact it is among the most peaceful tourists spots I have seen in Jharkhand; even the Hundru Falls cannot beat it in this regard. The most fascinating attractions of the lake are the water show and the paddle boat ride. I enjoyed both these activities and they are extremely affordable as well.

As the sun was setting in the west the lake gave me some of the best moments of my trip so far. The smouldering beauty of the reflection of the setting sun in the lake and the chirping of the birds flying at a distance almost gave me goose bumps.

Paddle Boats at Jayanti Sarovar Lake

Paddle Boats at Jayanti Sarovar Lake | Image Resource: daylesforddelights.com

I was overjoyed and filled with emotions. The outpouring beauty of the lake at that moment is beyond description, you must visit the Jayanti Sarovar to witness and experience this.

The water show included jets and streams of water synchronised with light effects. In a part of the show musically choreographed jets of water almost gave me the illusion that the water had actually started dancing. The show was extremely professional and with the moon in the distance, the picturesque event will stay in my memories till I live.


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