Hotel Crystal Residency: Luxury that’s not heavy on the pocket

When you are on a trip it is essential that you have good place of stay. A comfortable stay allows you to proceed towards your endeavours with throttle, energy and passion. I booked the Hotel Crystal Residency, Ranchi for my trip to Jharkhand because of its high repute, great affordability and most of all excellent customer reviews. The opinions of former guests of a hotel are central to taking an informed decision regarding a hotel. While booking the hotel Crystal Residency through an app for hotel booking, the first thing I did was reading the customer reviews. They were mostly positive and therefore I decided to book Crystal Residency.

Receiption at Hotel Crystal Residency

Receiption at Hotel Crystal Residency | Image Resource:

The city of Ranchi has several appeals. It is a city with multiple facets. Although it is the capital of one of the most traditional states of India, it has examples of some of India’s modern marvels. The infrastructure, transport system and governance support tourism with high priority. Tourism supports the state’s economy in a significant way. The city of Ranchi has the largest airport in the state and therefore attracts both domestic and international tourists. The luxury hotels like Radisson Blue and Crystal Residency in Ranchi create a great environment for the tourism industry in the state.

Rooms at Hotel Crystal Residency

Rooms at Hotel Crystal Residency | Image Resource:

I had booked a standard room in the hotel Crystal Residency and unlike other luxury hotels which do not give much facility in standard rooms; I had a lot more that the mere essentials. The room was fully air-conditioned. The bathroom fittings were luxuries to say the least. The interior design of the entire room was fresh and unique. A separate telephone connection and a flat screen LCD television were also available. The best feature for me was the high speed Wi-Fi connectivity.

The room service was also timely and commendable at the Crystal Residency. Being a sports lover, I cannot imagine a day without playing a game. The game parlour at the Hotel Crystal Residency has an excellent pool table and a variety of other enjoyable games. I am in love with food which is real and true to traditions. The cuisine and flavours available at the crystal residency are not only rich but also have a strong influence of local ingredients on them. My stay at the Hotel Crystal Residency, Ranchi was a truly memorable one.


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