The Glowing Sun Temple of Ranchi – modern architecture old traditions

The Sun Temple in Ranchi is a modern endeavour, in order to boost the tourism industry of the city and the state of Jharkhand. The architecture of the temple is influenced by a number of popular temples in India. Many features have been borrowed from the Cholan Dynasty Temples of Southern India.

The Konark Temple is also a great influence on its architecture. The tourism in the region was boosted significantly once the Sun Temple was completed and opened for the general public. Many local hotels and restaurants also flourished because of a huge influx of local and international tourists.

Sun Temple of Ranchi

Sun Temple of Ranchi | Image Resource:

The temple traditions are strictly followed and magnificent ceremonies are organised on all major festivals. The local residents have immense faith on the temple and they take care of the temple premises with conviction and passion. The love of god brings the society together and acts as social glue. The temple is located on the Tata Steel City Road from Ranchi in the Bundu block. The temple is accessible by road and private taxis as well as public buses are both available for transportation to and from the Sun Temple.

The temple is designed as a Chariot with 7 horses. The horses are spectacular and immense. These life size models were constructed by local artisans and their work is by all means unique and brilliant. The fine detailing of the horses almost make them look alive.

The wheels of the Chariot have been inspired from the Konark Temple and have a modern look to them. The interior design consists of mammoth pillars with intricate carvings and a tiled floor. The paintings on the floor tiles are also polished and detailed.

The temple premises are overcrowded during the Chhath festival which is extremely popular and relevant in East and Northern India, especially in the states of Bihar and Jharkhand. The pond located centrally in the Sun Temple is visited by thousands of pilgrims from all around the country during this season.

The temple organisers have made extensive arrangements for handling large crowds and the overall experience of visiting the Sun Temple is satisfying and peaceful. I am happy that I decided to visit the Sun Temple.


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