Ranchi Hills: Exploring and Finding one’s true self

The city of Ranchi has remained a very popular destination during the summers for Indians since the days of the British. The moderate elevation of the city and its neighbouring regions gives it a climate which is soothing and cool throughout the year. The Ranchi Hills not only add to the clean and cool climate of the city but also make it picturesque. The city is covered by these hills in the north-east and the Subarnarekha River also passes through these hills. They are a popular destination for trekking and hiking lovers.

I love to trek and hike all alone but I am no professional. I have only minimal experience in this field and therefore the Ranchi Hills were just perfect for me. Although the terrain offers certain challenges but none of them is dangerous. One can enjoy a comfortable and peaceful walk and hike in the valleys of Ranchi Hills without any fear or apprehension. The hills are in general not very steep and hence are accessible by foot all through. I am a nature lover being born in a small Kerala village and spending most of my childhood playing in the woods of God’s own land.

Ranchi Hills

Ranchi Hills | Image Resource: telegraphindia.com

I believe that the importance of being alone and isolated for some time is paramount in one’s life. In the busy and ever transient life that I have, struggling to make my mark in this world, I need some time alone to come at peace with myself.

In order to forget all materialistic desires and ask myself what I really want and not what I really need, I have to stay alone for a while. Walking in the woods of Ranchi Hills I got this opportunity. The tranquillity of the hills captured my senses and I forgot everything that was going on in my life. I could hear the voice of my inner soul, recognize myself and find my true self.

In this trip to Jharkhand, I learnt a lot about the local cuisine and ingredients which I will surely use in my recipes. I also, learnt a lot about the rich history and heritage of the Chotanagpur region. At last my visit to the Sun Temple and the Ranchi hills energised me to take a fresh view of life.


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