A Long and Exciting Travel From Trivandrum Central to Bhubaneswar

Hello friends. It has been a long time since I shared with you all one of my travel sojourn, so this time through a series of posts I will be sharing about my trip to the city of Bhubaneswar. After a long time I got some day off from my busy and packed schedule as a chef. I wanted to make the most of these days off, so I planned a trip to the Eastern part of the country. Bhubaneswar was the instant choice given the rich history and culture of the Utkal region.

So I had planned my travel from Trivandrum to Bhubaneswar from train. I made use of the IRCTC train reservation app and booked my ticket from Trivandrum Central (TVC) to Bhubaneswar (BBS) from the Dbrgh Vivek Express (15905). The ticket was booked by me in the 2nd Tier AC, because of the long journey I thought it would be better to travel in the upper class.

Trivandrum Central

Trivandrum Central | Image Resource: wikimedia.org

Dbrgrh Vivek Express starts from Kanyakumari at 11 PM and goes all the way to Dibrugarh in Assam after covering nearly 4400 Kilometres in a span of five days. The train departed from Trivandrum Central station at 12:30 AM in the night and by 11:30 PM I reached the railway station after having my dinner.

There were many passengers who boarded the train with me from Trivandrum Central, and as soon as I got inside my coach I decided to seep as it was already night. The next day I woke up around 8 am and the train was about to reach Vishakhapatnam. There I had some tea and breakfast.

The journey from train to Bhubaneswar is quite long from Kerala. I had songs loaded on my mobile that kept me entertained. There were few fellow passengers too from Bhubaneswar who guided me about which places to visit and the suitable time to visit them, which proved to be very helpful. The train reached Bhubaneshwar on its 3rd day of journey at 3 PM. The journey made me a little tired after travelling for around 40 hours in train.

After getting down at the Bhubaneshwar railway station I took an auto ride straight to my hotel, which I had booked in advance. By that time the excitement of my trip started building in me.


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