Nandankanan Wildlife Park: Garden of Gods

After settling in my hotel at Bhubaneshwar, the first destination that I decided to visit was the Nandankanan Zoological Park. This natural park is located adjacent to the Chandaka Dampara Wildlife Sanctuary. The zoological park lies in the close vicinity to Lake Kanjia and very close to the railway station of Baranga. This was the place I was too much interested in visiting. As an avid nature I love being as close as possible with the wildlife and other Natural beauties like Lakes and rivers.

Nandankanan as the name suggests means the celestial garden of Gods. As on enters the Nandankana Park he is welcomed by the beautiful panoramic images of nature and will appreciate the external glamour and exotic views that exists in the morphology of plants and animals. The zoo at Nandankan has more than 100 enclosures and more than 200 sub enclosures. All the animals are housed in 54 cages and 47 moated enclosures.

Nandankanan Wildlife Park

Nandankanan Wildlife Park | Image Resource:

What makes Nandankanan different from other zoological parks in India is the fact that at Nandankanan, there are 126 species of animals which includes 56 species of animals, 36 species of bids and 24 species of reptiles. Out of this there are 15 species of endangered mammals and 6 species of endangered reptiles. It was really a treat watching all these animals in their home.

There were quite a number of tourists present at that time when I went to the park. The feeling being in such a big zoological park was amazing. Having seen wildlife parks like these on television shows, I always wanted to experience visiting one of them in my life. Nandankanan helped me realize this wish.

Nandankanan is the only zoological park in the whole country which houses the Patas monkey, and an Eastern Rosella. The zoological park provided many good images of nature which I captured in my camera. These photographs will always help me cherish the amazing memories of the Nandankanan zoological park. The park is open from 10 AM to 5 AM on all weekdays. All those who ever visit Bhubaneswar must visit this abode of natural beauty.


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