Odisha State Museum: A Place of Knowledge about Odisha

The trip to Bhubaneswar had been quite a good one and informative so far after having visited so many historical places and tasted their local food. After the trip to the Rajarani temple, the next place to visit in my itinerary was the Odisha State Museum.

I always believe if you want to understand or get information on the culture of any place or state, just pay a visit to its state owned museum. Museums are always a good place to know more about the history of any place and its people.

Odisha State Museum, Bhubaneswar | Image Resource: wikimedia.org

Odisha State Museum, Bhubaneswar | Image Resource: wikimedia.org

Odisha museum was started in the year 1932 by two professors of Ravenshaw College in Cuttack by collecting archaeological treasures from various places. The small museum at that time was housed inside the campus of Ravenshaw College which later in 1962 was shifted to Bhubaneshwar and given the status of a State Museum.

Archaeology at Odisha State Museum

Archaeology at Odisha State Museum | Image Resource: odishamuseum.nic.in

The museum today is controlled by the Cultural Affairs Department, Government of Odisha. The museum is divided into 11 sections like Archaeology, Armoury, Manuscripts, Bronze, paintings, and so on.

There are different numbers of artefacts kept in these different galleries of the museum. The Archaeology section alone has some 237 artefacts from 3rd century BCE to 11th century. The manuscripts section of the museum interested me the most. There were some close to 38000 artefacts stored in this section from a period of 15th century to 20th century.

The manuscripts sections have materials like Palm leaves, ivory old paper and bamboo leaf. The natural history section of the museum was also very informative with close to around 500 artefacts like stuffed birds, mammals and reptiles found in the Odisha state. The museum also has a small but very informative library which has books and archives from the historic times to the present. The library is a good place to get information about history and culture of the place.

The visit to Odisha state museum was very interesting. I recommend everyone who travels to Bhubaneswar to pay a visit to this museum. After this trip, the next place of my visit in Bhubaneswar was the Kalinga Stadium.


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