Kalinga Stadium: A multi-purpose International Stadium

Once I was done with the trip to the Odisha State museum, I decided to visit the Kalinga statidum. Kalinga stadium is a very famous stadium in the city of Bhubaneswar as it has hosted many major tournaments both at National level as well as International level. It is basically a multipurpose stadium and owned by the government of Odhisa. I was quite surprised to see the vast size of this stadium which has a seating capacity of close to 55000 people.

I have seen many big stadiums but apart from cricket stadiums and a few football stadium there are hardly as big stadium as this one dedicated to other sports like field hockey, track and field events, basketball and other outdoor sports. This stadium recently hosted the Champions trophy of Hockey which the Germans won against the Pakistanis in the final; the matched was played in front of a full house which supported the German team for obvious reasons.

Kalinga Stadium, Bhubaneswar

Kalinga Stadium, Bhubaneswar | Image Resource: rackspacecloud.com

The successful hosting of the Champions trophy made sure that this stadium will again host the Men’s Hockey World Cup in the year 2018. Apart from Hockey, the stadium also host many national swimming events, gymnastic events and track and field events. The stadium has an eight lane track. The stadium also has a world class sports hostel which is training the athletes who will represent India in various international events like Olympics and other games.

The stadium is a temple for all the sports lovers and the budding talents who wish to make a mark in various sports and represent India at international level. Kalinga stadium has appointed many national and state level coaches which will guide and train the sportsman. The stadium also serves as the home ground for many state level teams like Kalinga Lancers in Hockey League, Samaleswari SC in the Football i-league and the Ace Tennis Club.

It was a very good trip and very nice feeling to see infrastructure for sports other than cricket and football developing in the country. After this trip I decided to go back to my hotel for dinner and next day I had planned a visit to another famous museum of the city, Regional Museum of Natural History.


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