Tribal Museum of Arts and Artefacts: Preserving the Rich Tribal Culture and Heritage

After the visit to the Dhaulagiri Shanti Stupa, i was headed to the final destination on my Bhubaneswar tour itinerary, Tribal Museum of Arts and Artefacts. Odhisa state is home to mny tribes some of which are labelled as the Primitive Tribal Groups. As the state of Odhisa is scaling new heights in development, the lifestyle and culture of the tribes are also getting subsumed into this modernity. It was therefore the call of the day to preserve this culture and rich heritage of the tribal brethren of Odhisa.

tribal museum bhubaneswar

Tribal Museum Bhubaneswar| Image Resource :

The museum has around 1900 displayed artefacts which are displayed in five halls. These artefacts depicts dresses, music, dances, weapons of offence and defence, hunting equipments, fishing nets and photographs of the tribal lifestyle. These indigenous artefacts, technologies like pottery, paintings, ornaments and textiles are losing its meaning and significance to the new generation and hence it is a good move by the government of Odhisa to preserve this culture and heritage.

museum of arts and artefacts

Museum of Arts and Artefacts | Image Resource :

The tribal community has enriched the ethno cultural landscape of the state. Looking at these different artefacts I realised how talented and culturally rich and advanced these people were. It is quite sad to know that these indigenous tribes have been forced to become modern by imposing state sponsored development on them and their knowledge, culture and tradition is now been museumized.

tribal work

Tribal Work | Image Resource :

The dress and ornament section of the museum was the most interesting of all; it had dresses of some 8 tribal groups and ornaments belonging to 17 tribal groups. Similarly the hunting equipments of 22 tribes including the primitive groups are also preserved. There are also huts of tribes like Santhal, Juang, and others which are constructed so that people can have feeling of the tribal habitat in its natural ambience.

It was a great learning experience at the Museum of Tribal Arts and Artefacts about the adivasis who form a considerable portion of Odhisa’s total population. The state must do all that it can to preserve and conserve the local and traditional knowledge’s of these tribes.

tribal museum of arts and artefacts

Tribal Museum of Arts and Artefacts | Image Resource :

With the visit to Museum of Tribal Arts and Artefacts, my trip to Bhubaneswar came to an end. I was taking with me some very fond memories of this amazing place, some captured in my camera but most of them captured in my heart.


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