Carbyn’s Cove Beach Andaman : The Best Ever Beach To Be Visited In Lifetime

Going for a beach vacation is my zeal, being a travel fanatic I have visited several lovely beaches and spent an amazing time at the sea shore. This made me to visit Carbyn’s cove beach first during our trip to Andaman and Nicobar Island. I and my best buddies had rejuvenating and relaxing time at this beach. The unspoiled beach situated near Port Blair, is set alongside picturesque backdrop lush green coconut palm trees. I must say this is one amid the most lovely beaches that have I ever visited.

I was lucky to visit this beautiful beach for the 2nd time, as this was once my childhood vacation where I visited it for the first time at the age of 12 with my parents. Many fond memories and time spent here came rushing back to me as I walked the beach. And, sitting on this tranquil beach, I was certainly reminded of the smells, sights, and sounds that took me literally back to my relationship with nature. Here, the stresses and hassles of life certainly do not follow and I feel connected to the world. I and my buddies were happy to experience the Sun rise at the beach, which is simply unforgettable.

Carbyn’s Cove Beach

Carbyn’s Cove Beach | Image Resource :

The rolling waves, the sea gulls, the pleasant ambience inspire me and lift up my mood. And, the salty beach scent tends to awaken my senses, which have been dulled by city or urban odors. After a whole day sun basking, swimming and enjoying some water sports such as snorkeling, I relished my dinner at a beach side restaurant. There are several amazing restaurants and resorts situated near the beach. I relished some of delicious dishes undeniably the words alone cannot offer adequate representation to their delectable mouth water flavor. I was lucky enough to get my favorite seafood specially the grilled prawns. Well, I thoroughly enjoyed the food offered at the restaurant. And, I must say that I had a sophisticated stay at the resort that located nearby the beach.

Next day, I and my buddies decided to visit the snake island that located nearby the beach and enjoyed the snorkeling water sports here. All in all, we had a great time! Next day, we planned to see few other places and the first on the list was Science center Port Blair.


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