Science Center Port Blair – A Thrilling And Exciting Place

Science Center Port Blair

Science Center Port Blair | Image Resource :

The most memorable destination during my visit to the place is undoubtedly science center at Port Blair. I should say that it is indeed a must visit place. I got a chance to explore many amazing things over here. After getting an entry fees for Rs.5/-, I and my friends entered into the Science centre Port Blair.

We came to know that, this large museum was established during the year 2003 and the environment is a perfect place for fun filled learning with large playground along with innovative slides within the premises. The models displayed here explained some fascinating natural phenomena such as the behavior of aquatic animals as per climates and how the oceans work. Well, I was amazed to learn these things!

Science Center

Science Center | Image Resource :

One of the visitors, whom I met inside the premises, said if you are confident enough to face the quiz sessions enter the quiz corner, but here the humans will not conduct the quiz instead the computer plays the quiz sessions. I was really impressed by the idea when I came to know that the computer will automatically throw questions and evaluate the answers on the spot. So we just moved ahead towards the quiz corner with my friends. Yes, of course I and my friends really enjoyed a lot here. To play the quiz, it allows for six members of two persons in a team.

Science Centre Port Blair Biotechnology Gallery

Science Centre Port Blair Biotechnology Gallery | Image Resource :

The brilliance of the place and the nature is depicted on the walls of the science center. I must say, the entire experience of the place can be just compared as a visit to the stars. It is really a must and should visit place for children and those who have a keen interest towards science. It was something that is found to have a quite special place in my memory. I had an inspiring time at the science centre. As we knew that the science center is open to public on all the days except Wednesday from 10:00 am to 5:30 pm and so we visited on Tuesday. We spent almost half-day at the place and then headed towards Rajiv Gandhi water sports complex!


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