Ross Island Andaman – A Breathtaking Holiday Experience

Ross Island

Ross Island | Image Resource :

We follow the place where our passion of travel takes us, wherein we find our dreams, body, soul are at complete equilibrium. It’s the amazing water place and beautiful scenic spots which have guided my complete dreams. Ross Island in Port Blair, which is situated in Andaman Islands, was our today’s destination. Basically, I am the person who is very much interested in finding the condolence in the ruins and also very much fascinated towards the old things, so opted to visit this place. The place is 2km from the east coast of the port Blair islands and it is a destitute island with just having a history.

Ross Island Andaman

Ross Island Andaman | Image Resource :

I had planned trip to this Island well in advance. I got my accommodation arranged within the budget. The travelling fare was quite affordable. Overall, my entire trip was well planned with entertainment and also with discounted rates.

Ross Island is the place that deserves much of the time; I didn’t have any problem with this because I had plenty of time to explore the place. I came to know from one of my friends who had visited the place recently that there are barely any people living in the island, so he suggested me to go prepared with water, food, medicines and other additional requirements. So I and my buddies started our travel to the island with sufficient food, water and other essential things. If anyone who would like to visit the place, I would suggest them to visit along with any of your friend who enjoys seeing the old ruins.

Old church at Ross Island

Old church at Ross Island | Image Resource :

Right from my childhood, I am a person who is very much interested in studying history. Then I decided that this the perfect place to visit. Many people will not appreciate the stillness off the Ross Island, Even I had the same feeling at the beginning, but when I visited the place the beauty and the magic of the place made me fall in love with the place. I was really happy to visit the place and had a great experience. After visiting the Ross Island, I was fascinated to visit yet another Island of Andaman, and so we decided to go to Viper Island!


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