Time To Explore The Marine Life In Andaman

As visiting the adventurous place and national park is also one of my zeal, I was thrilled to visit the Mahatma Gandhi Marine national park in Andaman. I love to travel to new places with my friends as a holiday vacation. This is a great way to disconnect from our daily routines. We planned a trip to see the natural beauty and also experience the marine life. Really, it was a visual treat to visit this marine national Park and I must say that this is one of my favorite destinations.

Mahatma Gandhi Marine national Park's Entance

Mahatma Gandhi Marine national Park’s Entance | Image Resource : blogspot.com

A wide range of animal, plant life and marine has made tropical and water forests their home. I was mesmerized to see the wonderful marine life displayed in the Mahatma Gandhi Marine national park. There were several amazing local restaurants near to this tourist spot. And, luckily we didn’t missed to having some tasteful food. As these seafood dishes are very popular, you got most renowned upscale restaurant on this Island to taste this delicious food. The savory seafood is more expensive, but is worth it.

Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park

Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park | Image Resource : theholidayindia.com

In addition to this amazing hospitality, we also experienced a different world together after a plunge in side the crystal clear water of Wandoor. We saw the popular types of fishes such as green parrot fish, butterfly fish, blue damsels, silver jack and so on. It was a fabulous experience of my lifetime. This is the most beautiful marine park, which I have visited.

Salt Water Crocodile

Salt Water Crocodile | Image Resource : blogspot.com

We viewed this beautiful sea with camping facilities. Really, I had a nice time with my group of friends and we enjoyed a lot here. Then we reached the port Blair from this national park in 45 minutes. As I and my friends are huge marine enthusiasts and so we have done snorkeling at this place. At the time we visited this natural park we are allowed to visit Redskin and jolly Buoy islands and both these are visual delights. We booked our Andaman airlines so had a wonderful transit in Andaman to and from. Our vacation days in Port Blair was about to end, we thought to visit one last popular destination of the place and that was the Wandoor Beach!


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