The Amazing Honda CBR 150r

After a much awaited announcement, Honda CBR 150r was officially released in the Indian market. The beautiful bike is all set to take over the Indian roads and will compete amongst the likes of famous Yamaha yzf R15. Many have seen this bike when it was displayed in Indian Auto exposure last year.

Honda CBR 150r

Honda CBR 150r | Image Resource :

You will find it quite similar to its brother ”honda cbr 250r”. Both the bikes are similar in many ways.  There are also many differences. They both have their own advantages and individuality. The chassis used by both the bikes are what differentiates them from one another.

Honda CBR 250r White

Honda CBR 250r White | Image Resource :

A really efficient  twin spar steel frame is used by Honda CBR 150r whereas Honda CBR 250r functions on diamond trellis type frame. Talking about speed,  CBR 150r talks to the winds (figuratively). This beautiful piece of machine is equipped with DOHC (dual overhead cams) unit that gives a 150cc displacement. Therefore, you can say that both the bikes are similar.

The makers of this surely took some inspiration from YZF 15r. This may help in establishing itself in the market. Unlike its competitor, 150r is quite narrow and slim which makes it unique. The powerful engine of CBR 150r generates 17.8 ps, which is better than YZF r15 itself. Honda CBR 250r has a similar console.

  1. At 10500 rpms, CBR 150 produces 17.8 ps and at 8500 rpm as this bike offers a torque of 12.6 Nm. These features may put these bikes into the rev categories and I must admit that we Indians are not that fond of rev bikes.
  2. The sporty edge that it offers is one of the interesting features of this bike. A lighter suspension makes you feel good and provides a better wheel grip. However, this bike can lag behind due to its not so impressive reviews on mono suspensions.This is a bit heavier due to the CG installed.
  3. The bike may not look as grand as the Yamaha r15 but still according to me, it is perfect for Indian  roads
    2015 Honda CBR 150R rear Front

    2015 Honda CBR 150R rear Front | Image Resource :

    These are some of my views on the newly released Honda CBR 150r . Hope you found it useful.


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