Yarada Beach Casting A Spell

Is it true that tides affects human being? If it is, then perhaps it could explain the irresistible pull I have for the sea. Standing in front of the vastness with your feet half dunked into the wet sand and the bright sun shining on you, you are in for a surreal experience. It feels like the time has comes to a standstill, the entire world becomes immaterial, your work load, chasing deadlines, inter-personal clashes everything just gets immersed. It is just you and the unfathomable natural treasure lying in front of you.

Yarada Beach Visakhapatnam

Yarada Beach Visakhapatnam | Image Resource : tourmet.com

Yarada Beach is located 15 kms from Visakhapatnam in the Yarada village. Laced with picturesque green hills on one side and translucent water on the other, the golden beach is a perfect place to relax and unwind. The spot is frequented by beach lovers who come with family and friends or even alone like me to bask in the sun.

Untouched by the crowd, Yarada beach a serene seclusion sans any kind of distractions. You just have a long beach lying in front of you. You can choose to take a stroll or just sit there and count the waves.

View of Yarada Beach

View of Yarada Beach | Image Resource : indiantravels.com

I sat by the beach, enjoying the awesome view and the beach activities. There were kids trying to make sand castles, a bunch of youngsters taking selfies on the backdrop of the sun and the sea, an elderly couple taking a slow stroll and many other bunch of people dispersed here and there, the beach was alive and bustling with activities all around.

Yarada Beach

Yarada Beach | Image Resource : go2india.in

After basking in the sun for a long time, I headed towards a food joint adjacent to the beach to check out some local flavors. Being a chef by profession, we spend a lot of time, energy and brain for the presentation of food. However, when I saw the waiter approaching me with a steel tray with steaming plates somehow adjusted on it, I was just blown away by the sheer simplicity of it. The delectable array comprised of a fish fry, a prawn curry and steaming rice to go with it.

I spent the entire day by the Yarada beach and left only after it got closed after the sun set.


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