Simhachalam Temple – The Divine Shrine On the Hill Top

Apart from the sea, I also have deep interest for architectural excellence that encapsulates tales and stories of the past. We all are aware of the tale of Narasimha avatar of Vishnu who revealed himself to answer the call of bhakti Prahlad. Simhachalam temple happens to be one of the eighteen Narasimha temples in all of India.

Simhachalam Temple

Simhachalam Temple | Image Resource :

The temple is mounted atop a hill. The route to the temple offers mesmerizing top view of the entire city. Reaching the temple can be done either by bus or by trekking. Once I reached the gates of the temple I was meted with a huge amass of devotees queuing up to enter the temple. As I tried to find a place for myself in the crowd, my eyes kept panning the architectural beauty of the temple. Only one word came to my mind – magnanimous!

Lord Varaha Stone Statue at Simhachalam Temple

Lord Varaha Stone Statue at Simhachalam Temple | Image Resource :

Built in the 11th century, the temple has Varadalakshmi Narasimha Swami as the presiding deity. Some 253 inscriptions are available both in Telegu and Oriya, revealing the history of the temple. It is said that it was constructed during the Chola dynasty and the holy shrine was built in 1267. The idol is covered with sandalwood paste throughout the year which only removed on the auspicious occasion of the Akshaya Tritiya. This ritual is known as the Chandana Visarjana.

Simhachalam Temple Vishakhapatnam

Simhachalam Temple Vishakhapatnam | Image Resource :

The architecture is similar to that of the Konark temple. It is made out of stone with its outer walls exhibiting different poses of Narasimha. The architectural marvel of the temple is beyond word. There are beautiful stone carvings all over the temple. When we boast of the architectural advancement of the modern times, we forget that these temples were built without any technological assistance with such perfection and detailing that is unmatched by any of the infrastructural or architectural achievements of our time.

Lord Varaha Narasimha Swami

Lord Varaha Narasimha Swami | Image Resource :

Visiting Simhachalam temple was a very enriching experience. The spell binding architecture and positive vibration of the temple filled my heart. As I headed back to the hotel, I checked some of the beautiful shots of the temple that I had captured on my mobile. This is a memory that is going to stay with me for a long time.


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