Sri Sarada Ramakrishna Mission Beach – Where Beauty Meets Divinity

Some places are gifted with more wonders than one. Sri Sarada Ramakrishna Mission Beach is one such place.  It is a place where divinity and a mark of patriotism is seated on a picturesque backdrop of the turquoise blue sea.

RK Beach after Sunrise

RK Beach after Sunrise | Image Resource :

Sri Sarada Ramakrishna Mission Beach also known as the RK Beach is one of the most popular tourist attractions of the port city of Visakhapatnam. Your trip to Visakhapatnam will remain incomplete if you don’t visit this beach. Every time I come to Vizag, I make sure to spend an entire day here. A myriad of food stalls on the beach serve some of the local snacks and meal.

The beach is crowded by tourists who come here to relax, unwind and bond with family and friends. A lot of beach activities such as swimming, sun bathing and beach volleyball are also available for the recreation of the tourists.

Crowded Sri Sarada Ramakrishna Mission Beach

Crowded Sri Sarada Ramakrishna Mission Beach | Image Resource :

The Ramakrishna Mission located adjacent to the beach is a place where the divine vibrations fill your heart to the core. It is the emblem of spirituality and service towards the society. The silent prayer hall in the Ramakrishna Ashram is a place where you come face to face with your inner self. Just close your eyes for a while and you are transcended to a surreal world of positivity and spiritualism.

RK Beach

RK Beach | Image Resource :

The RK Beach also boasts of the Submarine Museum which is a War Memorial which happens to be another major tourist attraction. Other than these, the tourists can also visit the Kali Temple and the VUDA Park.

I spent the entire day on the beach, trying to connect with nature with the entire hustle bustle going on all around. As the dusk approached, the beach became calm. With the sun going down at the horizon, painting the sky with a crimson hue, all the noise also got submerged. I sat by the sea counting waves, staring at tiny ship vessels going up and down the crest and fall of the sea.

RK Beach at Sunset Time

RK Beach at Sunset Time | Image Resource :

As I returned to my hotel room, I recollected my experience at the RK Beach. Indeed an enriching experience that will make me come back to this place again and again.


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