My Long Journey From Thiruvananthapuram to New Delhi

Since my birth I have been spending my life in Kerala, which is known for its amazing natural beauty and charming climate. Being surrounded by nature has always helped me understand the importance of flora and fauna for our existence. Exploring the world has always been one of my passions, and with this determination in mind, I decided to visit the capital of India- New Delhi.

I have never faced problems when travelling alone. In fact, it provides me the much needed space and allows me to explore things as per my way. Since last five years, I have roamed across most parts of the southern India. With the motto to experience something new this time, I decided to pack my bags and went ahead with the booking of train ticket.

Kerala express

Kerala express | Images Resource :

After looking through different options, finally I decided to book my ticket in Kerala express. The train departs from my home town, i.e. Thiruvananthapuram, at 11:15 in the morning, and after covering a huge distance of 3035 kilometers, it finally reaches New Delhi railway station. The arrival time of the train in New Delhi is 1:45 in the afternoon.

The train is quite good and known for its punctuality, even though it covers a long distance. In fact, it is perhaps the best option for Thiruvananthapuram New-Delhi route. After the booking of my ticket was done in the 3AC coach, now it was the time to plan my itinerary.

Though there are plenty of tourist attractions in New Delhi, but I made it a point to visit the historical monuments first. After all, history has always been one of my favorite subjects in school.

Hazrat Nizzamuddin Railway Station New Delhi

Hazrat Nizzamuddin Railway Station New Delhi | Images Resource :

A couple of days before the date of journey, I purchased few new clothes for my trip. Eventually, the day arrived and I left my house at 10 in the morning, to be on the safe side. After reaching the railway station, I waited for the train to arrive on the platform. Almost 30 minutes before the departure time, the completely empty train arrived and eventually I located my berth. The 42 hours passed quite smoothly, and on the third day of my journey, at last I was in the Hazrat Nizzamuddin Railway Station, New Delhi.


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