Akshardham Temple Delhi – My First Destination In New Delhi

After travelling for like almost 42 hours, I was tired to the core. Hence, without looking for anything else, I went straight to the resort in which I had booked a room for me. Thankfully, the resort which I chose provides pickup facility. I had already shared the details of my train with them, and as expected, a cab was waiting for me outside the station.

Akshardham Temple Delhi

Akshardham Temple Delhi | Image Resource : bharatmonuments.com

The driver was quite helpful and he carefully stored my luggage on the backside of the car. After having some rest, it was the time to visit my first destination in New Delhi, the Akshardham Temple. I had heard a lot about this temple, and knew it would be an amazing experience to see it before my eyes. Somehow I managed to reach one of the nearest metro stations, and from there I took a ride to the Akshardham metro station. It was my first ever metro ride, and I was quite impressed for sure.

Musical Fountain at Akshardham Temple

Musical Fountain at Akshardham Temple | Image Resource : mountainsoftravelphotos.com

Well, the sight was absolutely exciting for me. The massiveness of the temple and the aura surrounding it was like nothing I have seen before. Fortunately, it was not Monday, as the temple remains closed on this day. The timings for rest of the days are from 9:30 am to 6:30 pm. The premise of the temple was really huge, and as I went inside, the design and architecture of the structure overwhelmed my imagination.

Statue Of Swaminarayan at Akshardham Temple

Statue Of Swaminarayan at Akshardham Temple | Image Resource : mountainsoftravelphotos.com

It was November 5, 2005 when this temple was built, with the purpose to spread the value of spirituality and Indian culture all across the world. The more I strolled across the temple, the more I got to know about it. Be it the sculptures carved out on the walls of the temple, or the interior, everything about the Akshardham Temple Delhi is absolutely marvelous.

As the day was setting down, the crowd grew larger and the temple became more beautiful with the lighting effects. It took me almost two hours to check out the temple from all sides. By the time I came out through the exit door, I was absolutely tried, but happy and satisfied.


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