The Magnificence And Significance Of Purana Qila Delhi

It was my second day in New Delhi, and I was already falling in love with this beautiful place. Even the climate of Kerala is considered quite pleasant, but the greenery spread across New Delhi was equally enchanting for me. As per my list of must-visit-places, the second day was booked for Purana Qila Delhi.

Purana Qila Delhi

Purana Qila Delhi | Image Resource :

Before I step out of the resort and move towards my next destination, I wanted a taste of Delhi’s authentic cuisine. I requested the same to the manager of the resort, and it was very generous of him that he fulfilled my request within half an hour. After pampering my taste buds with delicious ‘Chole Bhature’, I got dressed up and left the resort.

From the resort, I hired a cab and directed the chauffer to take me to the set destination. Even though the temperature was a little on the higher side, it was nothing like the summer of southern India. The traffic was moderate, and the sky was absolutely clear. After a ride of almost half an hour, finally I was there, in front of Purana Qila.

Old Fort Delhi

Old Fort Delhi | Image Resource :

Being one of the oldest forts in the entire Delhi, I was expecting to see some really ancient designs and sculptures in and around the fort. As a matter of fact, the place upon which the fort has been built was perhaps the capital of Pandavas, also known as Indraprastha. Suddenly a thought passed my mind that so diverse is the culture of India that two religions and their respective cultures can be seen at the same place.

Passageway Inside Fort

Passageway Inside Fort | Image Resource :

The archeological museum located inside the Qila or fort allowed me to take a look at the artifacts that where found during the excavations. Though taking pictures inside the museum was not allowed, still I captured a lot of things in my memory.

Situated on the bank of Yamuna River, this fort is something that every visitor must check out. It is one of the best ways to take a look into the past of India. After exploring the place for almost two hours, I finally came out through the exit and had some street food.


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