Safdarjung Tomb Delhi – Take A Glimpse Of The Past

It would not be wrong to say that Delhi contains a lot of elements that allow people to look into the past of India, particularly when the Mughals used to rule over the country. After I was done checking the magnificence of Purana Qila, it was the time to hop towards my next destination- the Safdarjung Tomb Delhi. But before that, I needed to power up myself with some food.

Safdarjung Tomb Delhi

Safdarjung Tomb Delhi | Image Resource :

Delhi is known for its street foods that exhibit spicy flavor. I had some pani puris and a little chicken kebab from the roadside stalls. No doubt, they were quite delicious and full of flavor. The distance between Purana Qila and Safdarjung Tomb is almost 4 kilometers, which is far considering the traffic of Delhi. I asked a hawker about how to reach Safdarjung Tomb, and he was very kind to help me.

Buses run between those two popular tourist spots, and I decided to hop into one of the AC buses. Travelling slowly through the Prithviraj Road, the bus eventually took me to my destination. It was quite unlike I had imagined. In fact, in reality, the Safdarjung Tomb is even more beautiful that what it appears in photos. The marble and sandstone mausoleum is perhaps one of the best historical monuments in India.

Cenotaph inside Safdarjung Tomb Delhi

Cenotaph inside Safdarjung Tomb Delhi | Image Resource :

Just outside the monument, there rested a hoarding, on which it was written that the construction of this tomb ended in the year 1754. What a way to look into the past! No doubt, the architectural style of this structure is absolutely Mughal, and it was considered the main location of the Mughal Empire.

A View of Safdarjung Tomb Garden

A View of Safdarjung Tomb Garden | Image Resource : tripadvisor

I took more than hundred pictures while strolling across the monumental tomb garden. Be it the colorful flowers planted in the Charbagh garden or the well decorated floor inside the monument, everything about the Safdarjung Tomb will attract you towards it. The main gate that takes you to the complex is quite huge and comprise of two floors. For Indians, the entry fee is just 5 INR, whereas for the foreigners it is 100 INR. One can visit this place on any day during the week.


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