Beautiful And Memorable Moments At Ashok Country Resort

After visiting most of the famous places in the capital of India such as Akshardham, Qutub Minar, Safdarjung Tomb, Garden of Five Senses, I wanted to give some rest to my body. Therefore, I planned a day dedicated to myself relaxing at the Ashok Country resort.

Ashok Country Resort

Ashok Country Resort | Image Resource :

From the moment I landed at the resort, I was busy wandering around the streets of purani dilli and nayi dilli (old and new Delhi). And now it was my time to explore the resort, refresh myself, take spa therapies, munch on the cuisines from different parts of the world, and simply pamper myself after a long time.

My day started at 7 am, I got freshen up, and went to the garden of the resort. It was spacious and peaceful, so I decided to have my special tea in the garden. Till my tea arrived, I performed some yoga for my physical and mental health. I was feeling fresh, and then I moved to the pool area of the resort. I had my breakfast at the side of the pool, and read my favourite book for some time.

Till now, I was having great time thinking about the city. I even enjoyed an Ayurvedic spa session at the Mimasa spa of the hotel, it rejuvenated my soul and then I dozed off for a couple of hours. I had a deep sleep, and felt that every cell of my body relaxed; of course it was the therapeutic treatment which relaxed every muscle of my body.

Swimmimg Pool at Ashok Country Resort

Swimmimg Pool at Ashok Country Resort | Image Resource :

The resort was offering me really a wonderful time. There is an ethnic shop that I found in the premises of the resort; it was filled with lots of colourful merchandises. I purchased few items for my house, as my mother loved ethnic showcase items.

I had my dinner at the restaurant; it was Piccadilly that had reputation for the supreme quality food. I ordered Mughlai and Punjabi dishes, and they were so delicious that I couldn’t stop myself from eating. With every bite, wow was the word that was coming out from me. The unique cuisine was a result of the hard work of top chefs of the country. I then moved to my room to have a good night’s sleep as I had many more things to do in Delhi.


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