Qutub Minar Delhi – A Mesmerizing Experience Of Seeing The Towering Beauty!

Well, my second day in Delhi was completely full of experience and tiring as well. One of the major drawbacks of metro cities is that you have to travel a lot in order to go from one place to the other. But, metropolitans have their own charm, which attracts people from different parts of the country. And, I was one of them.

On my third day in New Delhi, it was the time to check out one of the iconic symbols of Delhi- the Qutub Minar. It is so popular that almost every person in India knows about it, if they still remember a little bit of history. From the place where I stayed, Qutub Minar is almost 16 kilometers. Someone from the resort had told me that it would take at least 45 minutes through bus to reach there.

Qutub Minar Delhi

Qutub Minar Delhi | Image Resource : historicaltimeofindia.blogspot.com

After thinking for a while, I preferred the option of bus. Once I was done filling up my tummy with some light food, I marched towards my next destination. From the resort, the nearest bus stop was at a walking distance. Soon a bus arrived at the bus stop, and it drove through the Abdul Gafar Khan Road.

Finally, the bus dropped me at a bus stop close to the hotspot. From there, the main entrance of Qutub Minar was just 10 minutes of walking distance. Even though it was just 10 in the morning, there were already hundreds of tourists strolling around the monument, busy taking selfies.

It would not be wrong to say that visiting this amazing monument had always been one of my desires. Declared as UNESCO World Heritage Site, this Minar or tomb is 74 meters high. The tall structure made me wonder about how the construction was carried out during those ancient days! Even though it remains open all through the week, the place always remains packed with visitors from different parts of India, and world as well.

As a monument structure, Qutub Minar is definitely impressive, and leaves a long lasting effect on your mind with its towering beauty. This is the reason why it attracts so much of crowd.


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