Feel The Uniqueness Of The Garden Of Five Senses In Delhi

While I was in Qutub Minar, I heard about Garden of Five Senses from the Delhites. Just after hearing it, I wanted to check what it is. I inquired about its location, time duration, and such other significant elements about the park.

The Garden of Five Senses was just 3 km away from Qutub Minar, and I decided to walk. I had GPS system on my mobile, so I followed the direction and arrived at the places easily, and within 20 minutes. The best thing about travelling alone is that you can do anything; you do not have to wait or listen to your companions.


Garden Of Five Senses In Delhi | Image Resource : mouthshut.com

 The garden was in Saket, near Mehrauli heritage of Delhi. The timings of the park are 9 to 7 in the months of April to September, and 9 to 6 from October to March. I was charged just 20 bucks at the entrance, which I think is minimal for what is in store in the park.

Upon entering I found such a huge variety of plants and flowers that I couldn’t stop myself from taking pictures. After strolling around the garden, I found that this place is not just a garden, in fact it is a perfect combination of the work done by nature and man. It welcomes the visitors to feel the enchantment that it stores.

Why is the name given as five senses, this was the question that was popping in my head. And, the moment I found it I was so happy for such a unique thought. The garden encourages the visitors to smell the wonderful fragrance of flowers, see the beauty of greenery and waterfalls, touch the displays and rocks, and finally taste the variety of food items available at the food courts.

Such an amazing idea it was of Pradeep Sachdeva who designed the garden. 10. 5 crore rupees was spend at this garden by the Delhi tourism & transportation. I could get all this information that was mentioned on the boards at the garden.

Unique Sculptures of Children at the Garden of Five Senses Delhi

Unique Sculptures of Children at the Garden of Five Senses Delhi | Image Resource : mapsofindia.com

There are many beautiful attractions at the garden, colour gardens, amphitheatre, khas bagh, expansive plaza, courts of specimen plants, and exhibition area were to name a few. Well, there is much more that I had explored in the park, and I will leave my pictures to explain the rest.


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